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Rubber Cover Base Lovely, Pink Shine Shimmer BS02 12 ml

Rubber Cover Base Lovely, Pink Shine Shimmer BS02 12 ml

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Rubber Base, Pink Shine Shimmer BS02 12 ml

Provides perfect adhesion. Protects natural nails from pigmentation. Forms a smooth wear-resistant coating. Thanks to its special formula, it strengthens natural nails and makes them more durable. Does not cause allergies. Economical to use. 


- Has a medium consistency

- Soft, flexible

- Does not spread

- Self-leveling

- Due to perfect consistency, provides easy and quick application, which significantly reduces the time 

- Can be used to align the nail plate

- Suitable for any type of nails


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Lovely products comply with 5-free standards.


1. Buff the nail with a soft file (the buff from Lovely will do a great job with this);

2. Degrease the nail plate using Lovely Cleanser;

3. Apply Primer from Lovely and let it air dry for 30 seconds;

4. Rub in a thin layer. If necessary, perform leveling. It is recommended to polymerize each nail separately, then cure the whole hand for 60 seconds in a LED lamp. If Base is used as a substrate for a polygel, apply a thin layer of the base, cure it for 60 seconds in an LED lamp and remove the sticky layer with the Cleanser.

5. Do not leave the product open so that it does not thicken and last longer.

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