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Komilfo Gel Premium is a premium quality universal medium thickness gel. It can be used in a three-phase system and as a single-phase gel (i.e., it can be applied directly to an acidic primer without a base). It is not necessary to overlap with the top, but we recommend using the top for the best gloss. Odorless. Suitable for strengthening nails, for extensions, for modeling complex shapes and for correction.

Color: Pink

Premium gel for building is polymerized in LED and UV lamps!

Premium gel technology:

1. Make a standard preparation of the nail extension plate.

2. Degrease the nail plate with Nail Prep and let it airdry.

3. Apply primer, avoiding cuticle and lateral ridges. Let it cure for 30 seconds.

4. Prime the nail with a gel base or clear premium gel. Cure in a lamp: 30 sec in LED and hybrid, in UV - 2 min.

5. Trim and fit the extensions form under the nail.

6. Put the premium gel on the form in several layers (2 are recommended). Each layer is polymerized in a lamp for 30 seconds in LED and hybrid, in UV - 2 minutes. After the first curing, press the arch and cure it for another 30 seconds. After the second layer, squeeze the arch and let the material cool in this position (3-4 minutes).

7. Wipe the finished nail with Nail Prep on the outside and inside and file the desired nail shape. Use Nail Prep to remove residual dust from the nail plate.

8. You can apply a thin layer of Komilfo  Top and cure, or you can apply color gel polish in 2 layers, curing each layer and seal with a top for gel polishes.

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