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Komilfo Bottle Gel Pink With Brush 15ML

Komilfo Bottle Gel Pink With Brush 15ML

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Komilfo Bottle Gel is a liquid gel in a bottle with an ideal consistency.


- aligns perfectly, there is no need to “play” for a long time to align the nail plate;

- has excellent wear resistance;

- does not shrink;

- suitable for extending lengths, chips and corners;

- this is exactly what is needed for a thin and weakened nail plate if the client wants to grow in length;

- great for natural, self-covering.

Shade: Milky White

Volume: 15 ml


- Apply dehydrator, acid-free primer, base coat (ideally Rubber Base) with a rubbing layer.

 - Model the architecture of artificial nails using Bottle Gel. For lengthening use modeling shapes.

- Cure for 60 sec. in LED (2 min. in UV) lamp. If necessary, remove the dispersion layer and file off.

- Apply gel polish or top.

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